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Mummy Natural Birth

Mother's Blessing

A Mother's Blessing celebrates your journey into motherhood.

Service Description

A Mother’s Blessing, also known as a blessingway, is an opportunity to create a moment in time that celebrates and honors a pregnant woman and her journey into birth.
The term ‘Blessing Way’ is often used to describe these events. A Blessing way is a sacred Navajo ceremony that is unique to their tradition, and out of respect for the Navajo people, we use the term ‘Mama Blessing’ or ‘Mother’s Blessing’ instead.

At this beautiful ceremony we will nurture the mother-to-be with unconditional love, with flowers, poetry, candles essential oils and much more. Each one is uniquely designed to suit YOU.
A bracelet of beads set with intentions for a beautiful labour and birth will be made for YOU that you will wear through out your labour.
We will create a baby moon so you have support for you and your baby during the precious and sacred time after your baby is born, making sure you have time to rest and enjoy your baby.

Price - £199