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Mummy Natural Birth

My name is Michelle Havill I am the founder of Babiroo an Egyptian Organic Cotton Baby clothing range.
I would like to take this opportunity to “officially” welcome you to our world at Babiroo.

Did you know there are over 8000 harmful chemicals in a cotton t-shirt ?
Imagine what this can do to our babies!!!
My grandson, soon after he was born developed really bad skin and I wanted understand why. What I discovered horrified me.
Our baby’s immune systems are low when they come from their perfect environment, YOU, these chemicals and toxins enter through their skin into their blood stream and then their internal organs.

Our cotton is grown on a biodynamic farm without the use of pesticides or insecticides. no chemical finishes on our fabrics, only natural starches. We whiten our fabric using an oxygen-based whitening process. Our dyes are made with metal-free colours, containing no harmful chemicals such as AZO agents.
This translates into clothing that is not harmful to our babies.
It’s simply the best
We give back to the workers and we feed a hungry child in the world with each purchase
Babiroo is GOTS certified and the only Company in the UK to have the Gold Seal Accreditation for Egyptian Cotton baby clothing
Babiroo’s ethical journey begins with the soil and ends with the cloth
Thank you for helping me help our babies and our planet.

We believe in making a positive difference and giving something back. The ethos of the business is from the soil to the cloth. We also work with charities who feed a hungry child with every purchase from Babiroo.

Our efforts have been recognised by The Venus Business wards for Devon & Cornwall as we made the finals for Green Business 2018 and the finals for new business 2019