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Are your baby’s clothes ethically and sustainably made?

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What Makes Our Cotton Different?

All of the cotton that we use at Babiroo is not just Organic – it’s Biodynamic.

A step up from traditional organic farming – it means that all of our cotton is ORGANIC in its purest form.


It is essentially the treatment of animals, crops and soil as a single system in a sustainable way.

Livestock feed is grown
Compost is made from trees and livestock.


Organic farming permits imported fertilizers, whereas biodynamic farming addresses its needs from within the farming system.
Soil fertility within biodynamic farms is delivered through nutrient rich humus created from integrating livestock and rotating crops.
Pesticides are not required for biodynamic farms as its biologically diverse habitat encourages predator prey relationships.
The humus in the soil is also naturally resistant to insects and disease.
Biodynamic is farm-focused, and requires the entire farm to be certified.

Only a few farmers around the world apply a biodynamic approach to growing cotton. Why? Because it’s hard. It takes discipline and planning and most important of all, care.

That’s us at Under The Nile and Babiroo

And why we go beyond organic in producing the best cotton on the planet.
Our beautiful Egyptian Organic baby layette are simply the best you can give your baby

Ethical manufacturing means that all of our workers have the right to work in a clean, safe, and healthy work place. Most importantly, it means that we all respect each other’s viewpoints and ideas so that we can all work towards achieving our common goals together.

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