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Mummy Natural Birth

Michel Odent: Pioneering Mummy Natural Birth Advocate

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Michel Odent is synonymous with the advocacy of mummy natural birth, a man whose work has significantly impacted the field of childbirth.

With a career spanning several decades, Odent’s unique approach to childbirth has garnered praise and controversy.

Let’s walk into this pioneering figure’s world in the maternity and childbirth domain.

  1. Innovator in Mummy Natural Birth

Early Beginnings: Michel Odent, a French obstetrician, promoted natural childbirth in the 1970s when medical interventions during labor and delivery were the norm.

The Primal Health Research Centre: Odent founded the Primal Health Research Centre, emphasizing the primal period’s significance and the mother-baby connection’s critical role during birth.

  1. Critical Principles of Mummy Natural Birth

Minimizing Medical Interventions: Michel Odent advocates for reducing unnecessary medical interventions during childbirth, asserting that nature often knows best.

Comfortable Environment: Michel Odent emphasizes the importance of creating a peaceful and comfortable environment for labouring mothers. It can contribute to smoother and more seamless natural childbirth experiences.

Promoting Skin-to-Skin Contact: Odent is a strong supporter of immediate skin-to-skin contact between the mother and her newborn, highlighting its benefits for physical and emotional bonding.

  1. Legacy and Ongoing Influence

Shift in Maternity Care: Michel Odent‘s work has contributed to a shift in maternity care, with an increased focus on empowering women to make informed choices about their birthing experiences.

Advocacy for Natural Birth: His advocacy for mummy natural birth inspires midwives, doulas, and expectant mothers worldwide to seek more holistic and less medicalized approaches to childbirth.

What Makes Natural Childbirth Different From Other Methods?

  1. Limited Medical Intervention: Natural childbirth aims to minimize medical interventions during labour, such as pain medication, induced contractions, or episiotomies. Odent contends that permitting the body to advance organically can result in a childbirth experience that is both more comfortable and more efficient.
  1. Holistic Approach: Odent promotes a holistic approach that considers the mother’s emotional and psychological well-being integral to the birthing process. Creating a comfortable, relaxed birthing environment and ensuring emotional support are crucial aspects of this method.
  1. Promotion of Bonding: Natural childbirth encourages immediate skin-to-skin contact between the mother and her newborn, facilitating the natural bonding process, which Odent views as essential for physical and emotional health.
  1. Respect for the Primal Period: Odent’s approach highlights the significance of the primal period, the hours immediately following birth, during which he believes that mother-baby interactions are particularly vital.

Michel Odent’s philosophy underscores the belief that the female body is inherently equipped for childbirth and that, in most cases, it requires minimal external intervention.

This approach contrasts with more medically intensive methods, often involving various interventions and monitoring. Ultimately, the difference lies in a fundamental trust in the body’s natural abilities to bring new life.

10 Tips For Expecting Mother For Natural Delivery

  1. Educate Yourself: Attend childbirth classes to understand the natural birthing process, relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises to help during labour.
  2. Stay Active: Engage in regular, low-impact exercises like prenatal yoga or walking to build strength and endurance for childbirth.
  3. Create a Birth Plan: Talk with your healthcare provider about your childbirth preferences and collaborate on a birth plan that effectively communicates your desires for the labour process.
  4. Practice Relaxation: Acquire relaxation methods like deep breathing and visualization to handle pain and alleviate stress throughout labour effectively.
  5. Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Keep your energy up during labour by adhering to a well-rounded diet, staying adequately hydrated with plenty of water, and consuming small, frequent meals.
  6. Choose a Supportive Birth Team: Surround yourself with a supportive birthing team, including a knowledgeable midwife or doula, which can provide emotional and physical support.
  7. Move and Change Positions: During labour, move around and change positions to find what’s most comfortable for you and to facilitate the baby’s descent.
  8. Stay Positive: Maintain a positive mind-set, trust your body, and believe in your ability to give birth naturally.
  9. Use Hydrotherapy: Consider using warm baths or showers to ease discomfort and relax your muscles during labour.
  10. Stay Informed but Flexible: Be open to adjustments in your birth plan if necessary and stay informed about the progress of labour to make informed decisions that align with your preferences.


Michel Odent‘s contributions to the field of mummy natural birth are undeniable. While his “hands-off” approach and emphasis on the primal period have sparked debates, they have also led to significant changes in how childbirth is perceived and practiced. As we explore various childbirth options, Odent’s legacy reminds us of the importance of choice, comfort, and the unique journey of each mother and her baby.

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