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Some Insights Into Natural Labour

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What is natural childbirth? Natural childbirth involves the process of giving birth without the use of medications, relying instead on methods like ease and regulated breathing to manage pain.

For many individuals, choosing natural childbirth isn’t merely an act of bravery; it’s a way of embracing labour and delivery as inherent, natural occurrences. Despite the pain, many find this experience empowering and deeply fulfilling.


These three words have become synonymous with childbirth: effortless, spontaneous, and involuntary—no need for straining, purple faces, or bulging eyes. Enter the Foetus Ejection Reflex (FER), one of childbirth’s best-kept secrets—a potential key to swifter, gentler, and more joyful birthing experiences that one must opt for.

Why Do Expecting Moms Prefer Child Birth

Ladies having no complications may go for natural childbirth to avoid risks from medication. Accepting pain medicines can:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Alter the speed of your labour
  • May cause nausea
  • Cause it difficult for expecting mothers

Many expecting mums choose to go by childbirth naturally because they want to embrace the feel of the birth experience.

Few Natural Ways To Handle Pain During Labour:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • take walks
  • massages
  • having natural activities(walking, showering, rocking, leaning etc)
  • taking a bath or shower
  • immersing in warm water
  • Put on soothing music

Is It Possible To Give Birth Without Pain?

Some women have a lower pain threshold for having a natural birth and may struggle to maintain childbirth’s intensity. For these individuals, a painless delivery might be a need.

During this procedure, an epidural injection is administered as active labour commences, effectively alleviating the pain associated with delivery.

Some Natural Labour Pain Symptoms 

Natural labour pain symptoms during a baby’s birth natural are distinctive and essential to childbirth. Contractions, a sign of natural labour, initiate as rhythmic, tightening sensations in the lower abdomen and gradually intensify.

These contractions help dilate the cervix, preparing for the baby’s descent. As labour progresses, the mother may experience backache, pressure in the pelvis, and sometimes even a bloody show due to the cervix opening.

Natural labour pain differs from other discomforts, as it signifies the body’s remarkable journey towards bringing new life into the world, an unforgettable experience filled with both challenge and reward.

Natural Labour Room Ambience

Quiet, Easy Birth In A Darkroom With Audible Whispers Of PUSH PUSH PUSH.

All women should give birth in a dim, light, quiet room with one midwife and a doula.

The natural labour room’s ambience is carefully crafted to foster serenity and comfort. Soft, dimmed lighting casts a soothing glow, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity.

The room is adorned with natural elements like potted plants, evoking a sense of connection to the outside world. Gentle, instrumental music or calming sounds of nature play in the background, providing a harmonious backdrop to the labouring mother. Aids in natural labour.

Aromatherapy diffuses subtle scents, promoting relaxation. Plush, ergonomic furnishings offer support and relaxation options. Helps in natural labour.

At the same time, a caring, knowledgeable birthing team ensures that the space is both nurturing and conducive to the beautiful journey of natural childbirth.

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