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The Gift of Motherhood is priceless

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The gift of mother-hood is priceless, however over time society has forgotten how precious this gift is and society has diluted the value of this gift, because of the expectations and demands society puts on new mum’s.
The beauty and purity we get from holding our baby, nurturing and loving them is the ultimate joy.

Then why is it that society looks down on mother hood? And does not appreciate that a stay at home mum has the most important job of all. To raise our children, the next generation, with unconditional love and devotion.

The only time that matters is the present the here and now, not yesterday, not tomorrow but now.
Enjoy this moment you and your baby, give your baby the only thing they really need, unconditional love and devotion.
Give your time freely, unconditionally and watch them grow like a seed that is nurtured and becomes a beautiful tree.

This is what your baby needs. Embrace it, love it , feel it and don’t feel guilty for doing it.

The facts speak for themselves.
Childcare outside the home is thought to help socialise children, however long hours in nurseries and creches prompt high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as much as 67% higher than those children/babies at home.
This is backed up by the latest neuroimaging technology, which allows to see the relationship between the brain developments and human interactions. A baby’s brain is as malleable as playdough and essentially if they have a attentive present mother, they develop a sense of security and confidence in communicating their needs. A less receptive environment leaves them feeling anxious, fearful and unable to communicate.
A mothers unique role is irreplaceable for the first three years of a baby’s life.
Women can be high flyers and yes they can be great mothers but not both at the same time it is impossible.

Today we have forgotten true Motherhood
Times are changing!!!
Mother’s let us take our true power back
Let us bring it back to basics let us be there for our children let us make the sacrifices for our children like our ancestors did before us.
We must not allow our children to be sacrificed for our mothers today
The time is now to remember how special and how wonderful this gift is


I know sometimes it is impossible to be raised by our mothers for several reasons (not due to a profession) and I would like to honour and respect the fathers and grand- parents, guardians and more, who have stepped in to give their loved one the very best.

Love always
Michelle x.

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